Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trendy Monolith Appears in Mailbox! Family Stunned!

So yeah... today I came home and my wife told me there was some huge package in the mail. I wasn't expecting anything huge - yet there it was. It was this...

For those who don't know, this is the deluxe edition of Panic! At the Disco's new album Vices & Virtues. Panic! is one of those few bands that both my wife and I really enjoy so we went all out for the new album and picked up this monstrosity (special thanks to Uncle Sam). I will not mince words... this thing is HUGE. I took a picture next to some other albums for comparison.

Here you see Ayreon's Timeline - one of the bigger deluxe editions and Crashdog's The Pursuit of Happiness! (review soon!). The Panic! album dwarfs them both. It's about an inch and a half thick as well. It opens up with two compartments, one named "Vices" which houses the album (with bonus tracks) several photo cards and a poster. The "Virtues" side holds a DVD, more photo cards, and the lyric book/liner notes. Overall a really nice package for the money.

Oh... and I'm sure Spike Nard and Andrew Mandell would be just thrilled to see one of their albums beside Panic! At the Disco. Sorry, guys, it was the first CD I grabbed off the shelf.

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  1. Elmo's pretty freaked out about being next to Panic! also... he's giggling uncontrollably.