Monday, March 21, 2011

Petra - "Jekyll & Hyde"

Petra - Jekyll & Hyde
2003, Inpop

1. Jekyll & Hyde
2. It's All About Who You Know
3. Stand
4. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda
5. Perfect World
6. Test of Time
7. I Will Seek You
8. Life As We Know It
9. 'Til Everything I Do
10. Sacred Trust

I've never been much of a Petra person. I liked Beyond Belief and Wake-Up Call okay. I had that Beyond Belief video about the kid that goes on a mission trip and it's OMIGOSHTHEBESTSUMMEREVER!!!!!11! As the years wore on I pretty much forgot about Petra, until Jekyll & Hyde. If you'll forgive my profanity - Petra is whooping some major ass here. In fact, I would say this is the heaviest I've ever heard. It's a lot keyboardy too. There's a lot of tasty riffs and big hooks. Along with Jon Schlitt's powerhouse vocals make this one of the band's finest albums. The songs are short and tight without any flowery brik-a-brak or church-friendly ballads. I've heard this was the band's last official studio album. If that's the case then way to end on a high note guys! Great album!

Useless Fact: Jon Schlitt and Bob Hartman are the only remaining members of the band. No Louie Weaver makes me a little sad inside.

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