Saturday, June 11, 2011

Deliverance - "What a Joke"

Deliverance - What a Joke
1991/2011, Intense Millennium

1. Introduction
2. Prophet of Idiocy
3. Pseudo Intellectual
4. Cheeseburger Maker Du
5. What a Joke
6. Chipped Beef
7. After Forever
8. It's the Beat
9. Product of Society
10. Happy Star
11. J.P.D.
12. Pray
13. Silent Night
14. J.I.G.
15. Purgatory Sandwich With Mustard
16. Attack
Bonus Track
17. Strings of Sorrow

I've always liked What a Joke. In fact, I go back to it a lot more than you might think. It's not my favorite D album but even with the filler and the joke songs I still think it's a pretty awesome thrash album. I didn't plan on it originally but I finally broke down and got this reissue from Intense Millennium largely because it has a previously unreleased track, "Strings of Sorrow." Unfortunately, it's only a minute and a half long, it's a ballad, and it doesn't fit with the thrash material on this record. Granted, it's still cool to have it on CD - it's just not what I was expecting. I can say that the remaster is spectacular! It cleans up the production considerably making every thing cleaner and brighter. As a result the guitars sound a little heavier - you might even hear some things you never heard on the original! Seriously, the sound quality here is leaps and bounds above the original. Even if you have the original I would seriously recommend getting this one too.

And now the bad...

I'm really disappointed that I have to say this but... the cover art. Really?! Really, guys?! There wasn't a better idea than this? This cover art looks like it was made by somebody who a) hates What a Joke and/or b) is a HUGE fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Controversy erupted over at the Christian Metal Realm because Jimmy P. Brown himself expressed his disgust for the cover, considering it an insult to both him and the band. I'm sorry but I cannot imagine how this cover was ever approved. They do include the original cover art but it is dark and blurry - kind of like a middle finger to anyone who doesn't like their new art. I'm glad Intense Millennium is releasing classics like What a Joke but dang...

Useless Fact: My version came with a guitar pick with the cover art on it. I think that was supposed to be the pre-order goodie but I got it too. Also, the new cover is limited to the first 1000 printings. The rest will have the original art.


  1. I also had this album and really dug some of the tunes. The original cover was of the band standing on a bridge or someplace. Thanks for the memory!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Memories is pretty much what I specialize in here.