Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Uthanda - "Believe"

Uthanda - Believe
1992, ERG

1. Shadowplay
2. Love Child
3. Did You
4. My Addiction
5. Fear
6. Midnight Jasmine
7. Sunrise
8. Wrapped Around Your Heart
9. Citizen
10. Cool Water
11. You and Me
12. Cars
13. Heroes

I remember when my cousin first let me borrow this on tape because she had just gotten it and wanted me to hear it. We both loved Uthanda's first album, Groove, so I thought I would like this too. I was at my grandmother's at the time and she had this enormous stereo set-up with a big old radio, a tape player, and a record player stacked together in a little glass cabinet. All of that sound could be funnelled through those enormous earphones that look like Princess Leia buns. So anyway, I listened and rocked in my grandma's chair and wasn't too terribly impressed. I didn't hate it, but it really didn't strike a chord with me like the debut did. The band experiments a little with their sound. "Sunrise" and "Cool Water" sound like they could have been on Groove. The other tunes are a little bit more experimental but still solid alternative rock (they've ditched the "hippy" look too). After hearing this again years later I enjoy it a little bit more than before. I especially like the "Cars" cover. It's definitely worth checking out but I don't think it will ever have a place in my heart like Groove does.

Useless Fact: There was a contest where one could win a chance to bowl with the band. I'd love to know if anyone won the contest and if they actually got to bowl with Uthanda.

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