Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vengeance Rising - "Destruction Comes"

Vengeance Rising - Destruction Comes
1991/2011, Intense Millennium

1. You Can't Stop It
2. The Rising
3. Before the Time
4. Bring the Sword
5. He Don't Own Nothing
6. Countless Corpses
7. Thanatos
8. You Will Bow
9. Hyde Under Pressure
10. Raegoul

I was a little harsh on this disc in my first review. I actually hesitated getting this reissue because it didn't end up being as good as I remember. However, I think I might have been too quick to judge. I don't know if it's quite as bad as I said. Not every song has only two riffs - there's a little bit more to them than that. While it's not nearly as amazing as the two previous albums I found myself liking this album again after the repeated listens. I remember when it originally came out I got it along with The Crucified's The Pillars of Humanity. I actually liked Destruction Comes more. There are still some cool thrash songs on here - "Before The Time" remains awesome. I also like "He Don't Own Nothing" (despite the fact that grammatically the lyric indicates he does own something) and "You Will Bow." Though I think my favorite remains the absolutely bizarre "Raegoul." After reading the lyrics again I think this song is actually about the dude on the cover. Somebody better informed should feel free to enlighten me.

Since this is an Intense Millennium album we need to discuss the cover art for a moment. It's great! No banners, no photoshop clip art, no redesigned logos - just the original cover in all its gory glory! See, guys, was that so hard? My CD came with a sticker of "Raegoul" that you can put over the cover in case your grandma might see it. It also came with a guitar pick and the first track of the CD is the "Before the Time" video shot for Hot Metal 4.

Useless Fact: I was right! Ramald Domkus did, in fact, do the background vocals on "Raegoul." Of course, "Ramald Domkus" is wrongly cited as Jimmy P. Brown (Deliverance) in the liner notes when it's actually Allen Aguirre of Scaterd Few.

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