Monday, June 20, 2011

Yankovic, "Weird Al" - "Off the Deep End"

Yankovic, "Weird Al" - Off the Deep End
1992, Volcano

1. Smells Like Nirvana
2. Trigger Happy
3. I Can't Watch This
4. Polka Your Eyes Out
5. I Was Only Kidding
6. The White Stuff
7. When I Was Your Age
8. Taco Grande
9. Airline Amy
10. The Plumbing Song
11. You Don't Love Me Anymore

I don't like Nirvana. I never have. I'm not one of those who think Kurt Cobain was some genius. They were just the right band at the right time. Nirvana (and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden) did change the musical landscape but I don't necessarily think it was for the better. Naturally, I loved "Smells Like Nirvana" because it poked fun at a band who took themselves way too seriously. So, anyway, rant aside Off the Deep End is one of my favorite Al platters. "Trigger Happy" is similar to old Beach Boys songs where the band would go on and on about the specs of their hot rod except in "Trigger Happy" the singer is running down the specs on his AK-47. "When I Was Your Age" is a my favorite song on the album and probably a contender for most favorite Al song ever. Probably because I feel like an old man myself and I have to restrain myself from telling all the young whipper-snappers out there how good they have it. Off the Deep End is just full of good, silly music. Go getcha one!

Useless Fact: While "You Don't Love Me Anymore" is an original song, the video was a parody of Extreme's "More Than Words."

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