Friday, July 8, 2011

Jughead - "Jughead"

Jughead - Jughead
2004, Inside Out

1. Halfway Home to Elvis
2. C'mon
3. Snow in Tahiti
4. Promise
5. Bullet Train
6. Waiting on the Son
7. Yesterday I Found Myself
8. Be Like You
9. Flowers
10. Shame On the Butterfly
11. Paging Willie Mays

My good friend Uvulapie suggested Jughead to me as we are both fans of the Mustard Seeds. I've learned that when Uvulapie suggests a band, you should just go out and get it without asking questions. So was he right? Sure was! Considering Jughead consists of Ty Tabor (King's X) along with members of the Mustard Seeds it's, like, mathematically impossible for this album to suck. In fact, it's a great combination of Ty's style with the accessibility and catchy hooks of a Mustard Seeds album. The album closer "Paging Willie Mays" manages to somehow be both laid back and totally epic at the same time. Quite an enjoyable little album. Too bad they only made one.

Useless Fact: Ty only sings on two songs, "Promise" and "Shame on the Butterfly."