Monday, February 10, 2014

Haken - "The Mountain"

Haken - The Mountain
2013, Inside Out

1. The Path
2. Atlas Stone
3. Cockroach King
4. In Memoriam
5. Because It's There
6. Falling Back To Earth
7. As Death Embraces
8. Pareidolia
9. Somebody
Bonus Tracks:
10. The Path Unbeaten
11. Nobody

Haken is yet another wonderful You Tube find. Also, The Mountain is quite possibly one of the most stunning albums I've heard in quite a while. It's got so many different influences. I hear some King's X in the layered vocals. I hear a little Devin Townsend. Some Dream Theater. All of it mixed together in a potent stew of some of the most beautiful songs. "Cockroach King" is a tour de force in terms of progressive songwriting with awesome vocal interplays and heavy guitars. "Because It's There" starts with a vocal part that's almost Gregorian chant and evolves into this amazing soaring chorus. "Pareidolia" and "Somebody" are awesome emotionally charged songs that are simply mesmerizing. I know it's illegal but if nobody posted the album on You Tube I would have never known to buy this!

Useless Fact: The bonus tracks are different arrangements of "The Path" and "Somebody." Hence the titles.


  1. I'm also hearing quite a bit of Porcupine Tree, a dabble of Yes, and in "Cockroach King" a hefty dose of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Thanks for letting me know about this band... my favorite "find" of at least the last six months!

  2. I've been listening to their previous album "Visions" and it's just as good! And speaking of good, have you heard In Abesntia from Porcupine Tree? Their other albums are, to me, just okay but this one, with it's manic blend of ultra-heavy progressive rhythms and light, poppy vocals, is insanely good. A bit on the creepy side, though.