Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Various Artists - "Ghostbusters II Soundtrack"

Various Artists - Ghostbusters II Soundtrack
1989, MCA

1. Bobby Brown - "On Our Own"
2. New Edition - "Supernatural"
3. James "J.T." Taylor - "The Promised Land"
4. Bobby Brown - "We're Back"
5. Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew - "Spirit"
6. RUN - D.M.C. - "Ghostbusters"
7. Oingo Boingo - "Flesh 'N Blood"
8. Elton John - "Love is a Cannibal"
9. Glenn Fry - "Flip City"
10. Howard Huntsberry - "Higher and Higher"

Back in the day I was a HUGE Ghostbusters fan. Eh... who am I kidding? I'm STILL a huge Ghostbusters fan. If Ghostbusting was an actual option for a profession I would be doing it instead of writing this. I love both movies. I'm one of those people who still don't understand why everyone thinks the second one was so terrible. My love for the franchise extended so far that I bought this soundtrack on tape as a lad. I listened to it repeatedly during the summer Ghostbusters II came out. It hasn't quite held up as well as I expected. The Bobby Brown songs are good early 90's R&B/Hip-Hop but the New Edition and James "J.T." Taylor songs are kind of boring. I don't even remember them being in the movie. I also don't care for the Oingo Boingo or Elton John tracks either. "Spirit" has an appropriately creepy vibe and is one of my favorite tracks as is RUN-D.M.C.'s "Ghostbusters" which features some lines and hooks from Ray Parker, Jr.'s original. It's nice when I need a quick nostalgia fix, but overall not as great as it was when I was young.

Useless Fact: Not a fact - a challenge: which scene does each song play in? If you're correct you get nothing but my admiration.

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