Monday, September 1, 2014

Cooper, Alice - "Brutal Planet"

Cooper, Alice - Brutal Planet
2000, Spitfire

1. Brutal Planet
2. Wicked Young Man
3. Sanctuary
4. Blow Me a Kiss
5. Eat Some More
6. Pick Up the Bones
7. Pessi-Mystic
8. Gimmie
9. It's the Little Things
10. Take It Like a Woman
11. Cold Machines

A friend in college gave me a copy of Brutal Planet and I think it was my first exposure to Alice Cooper. I think I still have that burned copy somewhere. Anyway, I liked it then but for some reason or another lost track of it. Sometimes I am a crazy person who loses track of good music. Anyway, this disc is absolutely the heaviest thing the Coop has done. It's got thick, chunky guitars, and heavy production. There's a bit of a nu-metal vibe here, I think. The songs are immensely catchy with most being up-tempo rockers. It's probably one of the darkest albums Alice has recorded, thematically speaking, but it's also (ironically enough) one of his most Christian.

Useless Fact: This album and the next, Dragontown form sort of a duology as it's been said that Dragontown is the worst city on Brutal Planet.

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  1. Dragontown is also the worst album in the trilogy... don't get your hopes up.