Monday, February 23, 2015

Trainor, Meghan - "Title"

Trainor, Meghan - Title
2014, Epic

1. The Best Part
2. All About That Bass
3. Dear Future Husband
4. Close Your Eye
5. 3am
6. Like I'm Gonna Lose You
7. Bang Dem Sticks
8. Walkashame
9. Title
10. What If I
11. Lips Are Movin'
Bonus Tracks
12. No Good For You
13. Mr. Almost
14. My Selfish Heart
15. Credit

So my wife and I were in the kitchen one day singing "Lips Are Movin'" because we are weird people. I said to her, "You know, I kind of want to get that CD." She replied, "I TOTALLY WANT TO GET IT!" Now, it's hard for me to not buy music when my wife doesn't care so imagine how little restraint I had when she said that. I bought it the very next day. If you like the two hit songs: "All About That Bass" and the aforementioned "Lips Are Movin'" you will not be disappointed by Title. Her whole retro/Motown/Hip-hop/white girl rapping thing really works for me, musically speaking. Ms. Trainor is also a great singer with a great voice and she's one of the few pop people today who wrote all of the tracks on this album herself (and her one songwriting partner). It definitely breaks up the monotony on the radio for me. So yeah... the music is great. The lyrics, however...

Oh. Gosh.

The lyrics.

How can I sum up the basic thesis of Title? I guess it would be, "I make bad choices about men and then am mad and confused by the results." Sure there's a lot of body acceptance themes in some songs and I've no problem with that. However, there's also a lot of "if you treat me like a queen the best you can expect out of me is to maybe have sex... maybe." How she expects men to treat her better when she freely admits to getting drunk and having one night stands is beyond me. Kind of sending some mixed messages there, chief. Now I don't actually know Meghan Trainor so these songs could just be a persona or character. That's all well and good but this persona is a crazy person.

In summation and in conclusion: great sounding album, annoying lyrics.

Useless Fact: The song "Bang Dem Sticks," and ode to Ms. Trainor's drummer does not actually contain any live drums.

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