Thursday, April 21, 2016

Recon - "Behind Enemy Lines"

Recon - Behind Enemy Lines
1990/2016, Roxx Productions

1. In The Beginning
2. Lost Soldier
3. Ancient of Days
4. Choose This Day
5. Dreams
6. Take Us Away
7. Holy Is The Lord
8. Alive!
9. Eternal Destiny
10. Behind Enemy Lines
Bonus Tracks:
11. Light The Fire (California Metal II)
12. Dreams (California Metal II)
13. Eternal Destiny (Demo)
14. Alive (Demo)

Long ago... when the world was new there were such things as Christian book stores. These were wondrous places with all sorts of Christian merchandise, like Christian music. I frequented these stores in my youth. You know this if you read this blog regularly. While at one of these stores, I passed over Recon's debut album in favor of Bride's Silence Is Madness. I cannot tell you what prompted the decision other than Bride had the cooler cover. I did eventually hear Recon on the Hot Metal Summer III compilation. I liked the song, "Take Us Away," but for some reason never bought the album. I'm glad Roxx Productions decided to reissue this album as it gives me a chance to hear it. It's very Warning-era Queensryche - especially with Vett Roberts' soaring vocals and George Ochoa's guitar licks. I think if I would have bought this on that fateful day it would have been a favorite for sure. There is a ton of skill on display here. The album has been remastered but, honestly, it still sounds a little rough - though what can you do with twenty-five year old tapes? Glad I got a chance to pick this up all remastered and spit-shined. It definitely deserves its classic status.

Useless Fact: As I understand it, George Ochoa had the actual master tapes for this album and baked them just so they could be used for this remaster.

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  1. What a great album. I snagged a copy of the orange vinyl re-issue, and it sounds phenomenal. Glad George had those tapes!