Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sweet, Michael - "One Sided War"

Sweet, Michael - One Sided War
2016, Rat Pak

1. Bizarre
2. One Sided War
3. Can't Take This Life
4. Radio
5. Golden Age
6. Only You
7. I Am
8. Who Am I?
9. You Make Me Wanna
10. Comfort Zone
11. One Way Up
12. Can't Take This Life (ft. Moriah Formica)

I wasn't originally going to pick this up. I've never really liked any of Michael Sweet's solo stuff so I didn't think One Sided War would be any different. However, it is pretty different, hence its presence here. It's actually more akin to Stryper material than anything maybe even a little heavier than Stryper. I particularly like "Radio" which pokes fun at rock stars who turn over to country for the money. I'm kind of surprised that this wasn't just a Stryper record, I mean, it's that close. So if you liked Fallen, you will totally dig this. I know I did.

Useless Fact: Remember when Michael Sweet said Stryper wasn't a Christian band. That was weird. I don't really have anything for this disc.

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