Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Evanescence - "Synthesis"

Evanescence - Synthesis
2017, BMG

1. Overture
2. Never Go Back
3. Hi-Lo
4. My Heart is Broken
5. Lacrymosa
6. The End of the Dream
7. Bring Me To Life (Synthesis)
8. Unraveling [Interlude]
9. Imaginary
10. Secret Door
11. Lithium
12. Lost in Paradise
13. Your Star
14. My Immortal
15. The In-Between (Piano Solo)
16. Imperfection

When I heard Evanescence was going to put out an album full of old songs redone with orchestra and what not, I was pretty ambivalent about it. Add to that the fact that the You Tube concert my wife and I watched wasn't mixed very well. I had no idea about how I was going to feel about this album when I bought it. I must say, though, I am quite surprised - I really enjoyed this. It stands as a display of just how good Evanescence's songs are and how good Amy Lee's voice is. Sometimes I think people don't take them seriously because they're perceived as sort of faux-goth. Make no mistake, these are good songs and good arrangements. It's impressive that none of the passion or power of these tracks has been lost. Even without the crushing, heavy guitars they still have the power to reach me. It actually reminded me a little bit of Origin with the more industrial elements. There are two new songs on here as well, "Hi-Lo" and "Imperfection." The latter of which was kind of a grower, honestly. Hopefully we don't have to wait another six or so years for a new album.

Useless Fact: For some reason the CD case doesn't list tracks 8-11. It just goes right from 7 to 12. Weird.

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