Sunday, August 8, 2010

Foxworthy, Jeff - "Big Funny"

Foxworthy, Jeff - Big Funny
2000, Dreamworks Nashville

1. Intro
2. Seeing Things on the Road
3. I'd Heard Every Redneck Thing
4. Telephones in the Bathroom
5. Jeff Gordon Enunciates
6. Speaking of Words
7. The Way I Grew Up
8. My Wife's Family
9. House Full of Girls
10. It's A Different World
11. I Don't Need to Know That
12. You're Being Trained
13. Women Want To Talk
14. Thanks Ya'll - Encore
15. Blue Collar Dollar

A decent amount of material on Big Funny shows up in the Blue Collar movies. So, like Foxworthy's latest, you may have already heard some of the stuff on here. Luckily for me, I think there's more that I haven't heard here. In fact, I think some of Jeff's best lines are on this disc. "It's a weird feeling to be mad and learning at the same time." Good stuff. I suppose it also helps that I haven't seen any of the Blue Collar movies in years. Big Funny ranks right up there with Totally Committed in terms of my favorite Foxworthy albums.

I will say one thing... in "You're Being Trained" Jeff talks about how women really rule the house and how all men are being trained. You know guys... it doesn't have to be like that. In my experience women can only control a man up to the point that he allows himself to be controlled.

Useless Fact: "Blue Collar Dollar" continues the tradition of music/comedy songs. I don't really like these.

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