Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spy Glass Blue - "Shadows"

Spy Glass Blue - Shadows
1997, Organic

1. Thin and Leaner
2. Lodging
3. In Sultry Places
4. Can You Feel
5. Me Mine
6. On and On
7. Stygian
8. Iron Grey
9. Ignorant Side
10. Come Patmos
11. Should Have
12. Tell

Hmmm.... so Spy Glass Blue is a band featuring Allan Aguire from Scaterd Few. Since I loved Sin Disease so much (and still love it to this day) I thought I'd check out Spy Glass Blue. Eh... it's alright. It certainly doesn't have the raw edge to it that Scaterd Few had. It's definitely more melodic and Allan's vocals are a bit more restrained, staying in a lower Bowie-esque mode for most of the disc. I kind of missed the yowling honestly. The basswork is also amazing. I can't remember who played on this album but that awesome spin warping bass that was present on Sin Disease is here too - only a bit more melodic. For some reason I've never really been able to get into this at all. It's not bad but I never really seem to want to go back to it.

Useless Fact: Allan Aguire and his family were on the show Wife Swap. They swapped with an uptight conservative Christian family. It was interesting. Of course the other family thought the Aguires were out of their minds for awhile!

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