Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Red Sea - "Blood"

Red Sea - Blood
1994, Rugged

1. Soulshaker
2. Blood
3. Wolves at the Door
4. Dust to Dust
5. Last Day of Winter
6. Walk on Fire
7. Shades of Purple
8. Hellbound Train
9. Losin' My Way
10. Down Home Static
11. Tears of Joy

I should like this. Really, I should like it. Red Sea's Blood could almost pass for a third Die Happy album. It features Kyle Basuri on vocals and Greg Chassion on bass. So... there's no reason for me not to like it. Yet... whenever I put this on one of two things happen - my mind wanders and I forgot what I heard or I fall asleep. It's not that it's bad, not at all. I'm just weird. That's really all I have to say.

Useless Fact: Bands on Rugged records had a habit of creating some pretty 80's looking cover art. Red Sea was no exception.

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