Monday, August 2, 2010

Star One - "Space Metal"

Star One - Space Metal
2002, Inside Out

1. Lift Off
2. Set Your Controls
3. High Moon (Outlander)
4. Songs of the Ocean (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
5. Master of Darkness (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)
6. The Eye of Ra (Stargate)
7. Sandrider (Dune)
8. Perfect Survivor (Alien)
9. Intergalactic Space Crusaders (Blake 7)
10. Starchild (2001: A Space Odyssee and 2010)

Star One is a side project of Arjen Lucassen. After he made his mellow Ambeon album Arjen wanted to make a straight-forward metal album. It's about as straight-forward as Arjen is really capable of. There's still plenty of progressive playing and multipart songs. However, it is heavier than anything Ayreon has done and the songs aren't as long for the most part - except for the 10 minute epic "Starchild". The songs are based off of various sci-fi films (I've provided the titles above). To be honest this sounds like a heavier version of The Universal Migrator II: Flight of the Navigator. Not that that's a bad thing. I'm not sure the hooks are as apparent but it's a really fun listen. It even made me want to rewatch some of these old classic movies. A few of the vocalists have appeared on other Ayreon projects like Damien Wilson and Floor Jansen. Russell Allen is from Symphony X and Ed Warby once again provides the drums. Basically, if you like Ayreon you'll like this too. My only complaint about this disc is that the chorus of "Sandrider" and the chorus of "Intergalactic Space Crusader" sound a little too similar.

Useless Fact: Star One also produced a live album and Arjen is currently working on a new Star One project as I write this.

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