Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rose - "Intense Live Series Volume 3"

Rose - Intense Live Series Volume 3
1993, Intense

1. Oppression
2. On My Knees
3. Demons
4. Hide
5. D.O.P.
6. You Gotta Move

I think Rose's edition (along with Deliverance's) of the Intense Live Series are my favorites. The band puts together some rockin' version of album tunes. I really enjoy the speedy version of "Oppression" and the electric doom version of "On My Knees." "Hide" is a new track that kind of mixes the stoner rock style of the band with blues. I also have to give the guys kudos because I've never liked the song "You Gotta Move" but I even enjoy that too.

Useless Fact: According to the liner notes Randy invited his whole family to the recording studio and a few of the helped out on some of the tracks.

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