Thursday, August 4, 2016

Circle of Dust - "Metamorphosis"

Circle of Dust - Metamorphosis
1993/2016, Fixt

1. Heldweller
2. Nihilistic Void
3. Consequence (Temporary Remix)
4. Dissolved (Disintegration Remix)
5. Descent (Pit of Hell Mix)
6. Consequence (Eternal Remix)
7. Daraq
8. Emerge (Living Sacrifice Intro)
9. Void Expression (Circle of Dust 'Blank Stare' Remix)
10. Void Expression (Circle of Dust 'Black Veil' Remix)
11. Distorted (Circle of Dust Remix)
12. Sacrificed (Circle of Dust Refix)

1. Bed of Nails (Blue Stahli Remix)
2. lvl - Backslide (Circle of Dust Remix)
3. Rivot - Never
4. Heldweller (Instrumental Demo)
5. Consequence (Temporary Remix Instrumental)
6. Klayton & Tommy Victor - Lightyear (Demo)
7. Klayton & Tommy Victor - Long White Con (Demo)
8. Heldweller (Cassette Demo - 1987)
9. Dust 16
10. Dust 17
11. Dust 18
12. Dust 19
13. Dust 20
14. Dust 21
15. Dust 22
16. Dust 23
17. Dust 24
18. Dust 25
19. Dust 26
20. Dust 27
21. Dust 28
22. Bed of Nails (Blue Stahli Remix Instrumental)

Whew! That was a lot to type! Metamorphosis began life as a compilation of songs from Circle of Dust, Brainchild (basically Circle of Dust), and Living Sacrifice. All of the tracks were remixed by Klayton. It was a cool little project then, it's a cool one now. Though it's really for fans. This is not the album you want to hand to somebody for their first exposure to Circle of Dust. However, it's a pretty cool package and I'm glad Klayton didn't let it fall into obscurity. The tracks that were on the original edition that later reappeared on the other albums aren't repeated here. Instead we get some cool tracks from Klayton's various side projects. Like I said, this is mostly for the Dust fan - but what a package it is. I especially like the Star Trek lettering on the new cover art.

Useless Fact: "Self-Inflict" and "Deviate (Sawed-Off Shotgun Remix)" are the two tracks that are missing. The first was on the '95 reissue of the debut and the second was used for the rerelease of Brainchild. Helpful information for that bar bet you'd undoubtedly have.

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