Monday, February 22, 2010

Crashdog - "Cashists, Fascists, and Other Fungus"

Crashdog - Cashists, Fascists, and Other Fungus
1994, REX/Grrr

1. G.O.P.
2. ?School
3. My God
4. Family Tree
5. George's Poem
6. Option
7. Hateedge
8. Same Old Pain
9. Helpless
10. The Tale of Two Parties
11. Five
12. Intolerance
13. Cradle
14. Monster
15. Sept. 1994
16. Eve of Destruction

I got this recently because I'm trying to fill out my Crashdog collection and I remember enjoying this back in the day. Unfortunately, this didn't turn out as good as my memories would have me believe. Despite the fact that I said the band changed their sound in my Mud Angels review it really hasn't changed. It's still old school punk albeit without Spike Nard's trademark feux-British timbre. He gave the band a distinct sound and I don't think former guitarist Andrew Mandell is really up to the challenge. His voice got on my nerves after awhile he almost sounds like Gene from Lust Control only Andrew sounds like he's seconds away from passing out. The other problem with Andrew in front of the mike is that it takes him away from the guitar. Crashdog's guitar parts have, to me, always been far more technical, vibrant, and alive than most bands of this ilk. How many punk bands do you know that had honest-to-goodness leads in their songs? Not many I would wager. Sadly, on Cashists you won't hear anything like that - it's just standard punk power chords. Though the album isn't without it's bright spots. I think it starts off strong with "G.O.P." and "?School" and ends strong with the phenomenal "Sept. 1994" (featuring Bones Krogh back on bagpipes!) and cover tune "Eve of Destruction." I kind of wish the whole album sounded like those last two tracks as they are by far the most interesting thing this platter has to offer. Maybe that's why Andrew went on to form Ballydowse later on... hey... maybe I'll like Ballydowse. Gotta check them out at some point.

I'd also like to bring up one little nitpicky issue about the lyrics. They're a lot more political this time around (not that Crashdog ever shied away from politics). That' doesn't bother me but what I thought was funny was when in "My God" Andrew sings, "My God/ Doesn't hand out disease as punishment." To which I said, "Um... yes he does... and has! Read the Old Testament!" Now I know what he's saying - that H.I.V. isn't specifically designed by God to punish people, but the statement he makes is false. God has done that and may still do that. That doesn't mean he doesn't love us. I know I just sounded like I contradicted myself, but I didn't.

Useless Fact: Crashdog did one more album called Outer Crust and a "greatest hits" CD called 7 Years to Nowhere before calling it a day. As stated before, Andrew went on to form Ballydowse.

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