Monday, February 15, 2010

Hedberg, Mitch - "Strategic Grill Locations"

Hedberg, Mitch - Strategic Grill Locations
1999, Comedy Central

1. The CD Jokes
2. Koalas
3. Highlights
4. You Were Good
5. Shaving Too
6. Minibar
7. Beret and Pancakes
8. The Velcro Wallet
9. Dry Clean Only
10. Gambling
11. My Necklace
12. Acting
13. Lynn
14. Tomatoes
15. Six People Isn't Convincing
16. Cookies
17. Oatmeal
18. Smackie the Frog
19. Frogs and Bears
20. Fire Exit
21. The Dufrenes

Mitch Hedberg helped me get through the 22-hour drive from my hometown of Elmira, NY to my new residence at the time in Deltona, FL. I love Mitch - he's so weird. I first heard about him from a friend in college who told me about Mitch's penchant for totally random one liners. "This shirt is dry clean only, which means it's dirty!" For this particular set he's got a guy backing him up on bass so while Mitch is doing jokes you hear this walking bass-line through the whole thing. It's kinda cool... makes the set almost like a cracked out Peanuts special. Speaking of cracked out... I can't say for sure but I'm almost positive that Mitch is high during this set. After all, he openly admits to using drugs. Some of the jokes don't go over very well and I think if they would have shortened this disc some it would have been better. Though the good jokes totally cover for the total random crap jokes.

Useless Fact: According to wikipedia the album title is from a joke that wasn't included on the CD. Seems like you'd want to keep the titular joke on the album but that's just me.

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