Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sixpence None the Richer - "My Dear Machine EP"

Sixpence None the Richer - My Dear Machine EP
2008, Independent

1. My Dear Machine
2. Amazing Grace (Give It Back)
3. Sooner Than Later
4. Around

So a couple years ago Sixpence put out this little EP of shiny brand new songs for download on some obscure website I'd never heard of. By the time I had heard of it, it was way too late to get them. Thankfully the internet is a big place and I did find these tracks though shadowdy means *manic laughter!*. It's a fantastic EP - but it's really just enough new Sixpence to piss me off. These songs are among the best the band has written... ever. If this is indicitive of the new stuff then they need to get an album out post-haste. "My Dear Machine" is a fuzzy pop song that could be a hit single if it had been released by a label. The other songs are great and Matt Slocum's lyrics carry that same blend of spiritual longing and sadness like in "Amazing Grace (Give It Back)" "You're in every place/ In every time/ And yet You're so damn hard to find/ Please Lord, give it back to me." The infectious chorus of "Sooner Than Later" will stay in your head for days. I really, really wish this band would put out a new album!

Useless Fact: I'm not sure if this came out before or after The Dawn of Grace. I've heard rumors of a new album on the horizon but haven't heard anything concrete.

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