Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Engvall, Bill - "Dorkfish"

Engvall, Bill - Dorkfish
1998, Warner Bros.

1. Factory Outlet Malls
2. Flying
3. Smokers
4. Weather and News
5. Bungee Jumping and Parachuting
6. My Daughter's Growing Up
7. T-Ball and Indian Guides
8. Minivan
9. Discovery Channel
10. Dorkfish
11. Whale Watching
12. Broke Food
13. More Here's Your Sign
14. Bronco Busting
15. Deer Hunting
16. I'm a Cowboy
17. Here's Your Sign Christmas

Whereas Here's Your Sign had a lot of great laugh-out-loud jokes this one is more focused on amusing stories. I don't usually laugh as much at this one but I do love listening to his crazy stories. There's also a little bit of "Here's Your Sign" in there too. Not much else to say on this one.

Useless Fact: Both Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall have bits about taking their wives hunting. I have no idea why you would do such a thing.


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  3. Hey idiots... if you're going to spam my site at least do me the courtesy of spamming it in English so I know what the heck you're talking about.

  4. Yeah, I got a spam comment from "Coco". I would of considered it more of a compliment if it wasn't linked to what seems to be a Japanese porn site. (No immediate naughty pics, but the only words in English were "Live - 24 Hours", which I don't think one needs a Ph.D. to know what that's going to lead to.)

    As for Bill Engvall,... I saw him on VH-1 in the early '90s telling the dorkfish story. I laughed till I cried (even when I'd catch a rerun). Unfortunately, he never told it that way again - every subsequent telling was shorter and...just missing something. The later versions were still funny - just not nearly as funny.

    Still enjoy Bill's stuff, though. Always have.