Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Engvall, Bill - "Here's Your Sign"

Engvall, Bill - Here's Your Sign
1996, Warner Bros.

1. Introduction
2. I Love Golf
3. Going to the Fair
4. We've Got a Full House
5. Here's Your Sign
6. Nobody Disciplines Their Kids Anymore
7. Things Have Changed
8. Caught Big Time
9. I.G. Joe
10. Baby Barf and the Turkey Hunt
11. Tell Me What I'm Thinking
12. Love Magic

I hate stupid people. Almost as much, if not more, than Bill Engvall. So this CD is pretty much a classic for me. I work at an auto parts store so I have plenty of great stories about people who should be required to wear signs. Like people who come into the store and don't know what kind of car they drive. Or husbands that send their wives to pick up something except they haven't given anything but the vaguest clues about what they need. Or the people who say they need a headlight but can't, for the life of them, decide whether they need a high beam or low beam. Or the people who don't actually know what the name of the part they want which leads to descriptions like "I need the thing by that other thing near the front with the top on it... do you have that?" Ugh, I could go on all day. If these people wore signs that would help me out immensely.

Now what was I... OH right, Bill Engvall. This disc is hilarious. I still laugh at the state fair bits.

Useless Fact: I remember seeing Bill on VH1 and some other random comedy shows WAY before he got famous. He was always really funny.

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