Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Extol - "Undeceived"

Extol - Undeceived
2000, Solid State

1. Inferno
2. Undeceived
3. Time Stands Still
4. Ember
5. Meadows of Silence
6. Shelter
7. A Structure of Souls
8. Of Light and Shade
9. Where Sleep is Rest
10. Renewal
11. Abandoned
12. And I Watch

I went through a period of time when I was only listening to worship music. Extol served as my reintroduction into music in general. Man, these guys are tight! Total technical thrash with both death and clean vocals. The sound is slightly reminiscent of Believer. I will say I don't listen to this much anymore because, while it is a technical achievement to be sure there's not as many hooks to grab on to. It's a little too complicated for me to just rock out on my way to work to.

Useless Fact: I guess the band moved in other directions after this one but since I've never heard any of their other discs I can't tell you how they stack up.

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  1. Since I'd already signed in to comment on your last post; I wanted to say, if you've not heard the newest Extol album, please do. It's full of hooks, and so is "Blueprint Dives" though it's far weirder adn less metal than the 2013 album or Undecieved