Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whitecross - "In the Kingdom"

Whitecross - In the Kingdom
1991, Starsong

1. No Second Chances
2. We Know What's Right
3. In the Kingdom
4. In His Hands
5. Good Enough
6. Love is Our Weapon
7. The Eternal Fire
8. You Will Find It There
9. If He Goes Before Me
10. Tell Me the Time
11. Holy War

Um... yeah... thanks Starsong for ruining a great metal band. This disc is an attempt to reach a broader audience by writing boring ballads and rap songs. Ick. There are several good Whitecross songs here like "No Second Chances" and "Good Enough" but there's also a lot of crap too. Naturally this was the band's biggest album and won them a Dove award for best metal album (even though it's not metal - but the Dove awards are chosen by monkeys so that's probably why). I absolutely need the skip button handy when I listen to this album. I should also mention the abysmal "Holy War" which is a rap/rock mash-up with Starsong artists D.O.C. It sucks out loud. I literally sounds like two different songs cut and pasted together. I don't even think Whitecross and D.O.C. were in the same studio to make this song. Ugh... and it doesn't get any better from here.

Useless Fact: Like I said... High Gear was boring an uninspired. Rex Carrol left the band and they got even suckier after that eventually moving into alt-rock and grunge.

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