Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tourniquet - "Vanishing Lessons"

Tourniquet - Vanishing Lessons
1994/2004, Pathogenic

1. Bearing Gruesome Cargo
2. Pecking Order
3. Drowning Machine
4. Pushin' Broom
5. Vanishing Lessons
6. My Promise
7. Acidhead
8. K517
9. Twilight
10. Your Take
11. Sola Christus
Bonus Tracks:
12. HHS2
13. Acidhead (Live 2000)
14. Pecking Order (Live 2000)
15. Vanishing Lessons (Live 2000)
16. Drowning Machine (Demo)
17. Twilight (Demo)

Looks like Tourniquet went the direction Guy suggested anyway! The band eschews the technical, speed metal for a far more melodic and groove-oriented style. Truth be told... I like it. It's not a sellout or anything and Luke Easter, while not having the range of Guy, holds his own and has his own style. The band is still heavy too, just one listen to the amazing riff in "Pecking Order" will remind you of that. Even when the band slows things down in "My Promise" or "Twilight" it's still quality music. Instead of being a sellout Vanishing Lessons is a successful reinvention. I will also say that the rereleases cover art is much improved over the original.

Useless Fact: This would be the last studio disc with Gary Lenaire and Victor Macias, leaving only Ted Kirkpatrick as the sole original member.

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