Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vengeance Rising - "Once Dead"

Vengeance Rising - Once Dead
1990, Intense

1. Warfare
2. Can't Get Out
3. Cut Into Pieces
4. Frontal Lobotomy
5. Herod's Violent Death
6. The Whipping Post
7. Arise
8. Space Truck'n
9. Out of the Will
10. The Wrath to Come
11. Into the Abyss
12. Among the Dead
13. Interruption

I've posted this album first because it was the first Vengeance record I ever heard. I remember hearing the Lord's prayer for the first time and though... "cool." Then I thought, "Oh man... he's not going to do the whole album like this is he?" Yeah... I didn't care for it initially. Luckily the music was interesting enough to warrant listen after listen. This is heavy, heavy thrash but the cool thing is that there's a lot of blues influence both in the riffs and in the leads. That gives it a little bit of variety and lends to the band's unique sound. Roger Martinez's vocals grew on me over time. Those who are familiar with the band at all know that this is considered a metal classic. Can't really aruge with that. "Into the Abyss" alone is a monster tune and the fact that guitarist Larry Farkas uses a violin bow on it makes it all the cooler.

Useless Fact: On my original tape there was a listing for a track called "KTMA" or something but there wasn't anything else on the album. Does anyone know what the deal with that was?

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  1. For some reason, I just couldn't get into this one. Something seemed missing. Or, maybe, it was that pinging snare-drum-from-hell sound (I mean, just seeing the cover makes me wince in memory of that damn snare).