Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stream of Passion - "Embrace the Storm"

Stream of Passion - Embrace the Storm
2005, Inside Out

1. Spellbound
2. Passion
3. Deceiver
4. I'll Keep On Dreaming
5. Haunted
6. Wherever You Are
7. Open Your Eyes
8. Embrace the Storm
9. Breathing Again
10. Out in the Real World
11. Nostalgia
12. Calliopeia

Man... I thought I would like this way more than I do. After The Human Equation Ayreon mastermind Arjen Lucassen put together Stream of Passion solely to showcase the vocals of Mexican singer Marcela Bovio. So naturally, given my love of Ayreon, I thought I would love this. Unfortunately, I find it a bit boring. I don't know why. Marcela is an excellent vocalist, if a little shrill at times and the rest of the band was hand picked by Arjen himself so you know they're good. But I don't know what it is about this disc but I just never really got into it. It ends up being a mixture of Evanescence and Ayreon which you'd think would be awesome but I never find myself wanting to pick this back up. Usually the only time I listen to it is when I try to see if it will grow on me.... and it never does. It's not bad... but I just can't get into it.

Useless Fact: Guitaris Lori Linstruth plays on Arjen's new project Guilt Machine.

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