Monday, January 4, 2010

S.F.C. - "Phase III"

S.F.C. - Phase III
1992, Brainstorm

1. Intro
2. Hoods of Good
3. Glory Halagroovin
4. Terror On Tape
5. Freedom In Captivity
6. One
7. What We Need
8. Music is My Life
9. Phase III
10. Unity
11. The Setting
12. Kill the Spirit
13. In the House
14. Swingin'
15. Another One
16. Skanewpid
17. DJ Dove (The Minister of Music)
18. 113.3
19. Victory
20. More Skanewpid Stuff

Phase III is another rap classic. I think this is the one that most people cite as a favorite of theirs. I never really got into this one as much as the others until a year or two ago. "Hoods of Good" has some metalish guitar parts in it. There's also the trademark humor and skits.

Useless Fact: This disc adds another rapper into the mix, QP. He's alright, but I'd rather just hear Sup rap.

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