Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vengeance Rising - "Destruction Comes"

Vengeance Rising - Destruction Comes
1991, Intense

1. You Can't Stop It
2. The Rising
3. Before the Time
4. He Don't Own Nothing
5. Bring the Sword
6. Countless Corpses
7. Thanatos
8. You Will Bow
9. Hyde Under Pressure
10. Reagoul

The story behind the severe drop in quality between Once Dead and Destruction Comes is a long and twisted one. I'm not going into it here because there's plenty of places you can get the scoop. Suffice it to say most of the members left Vengeance and started Die Happy, leaving Roger by himself. Sadly, Roger was not quite up to the task. Every song has two riffs. He plays one riff for awhile, then switches to the second one... then switches back. It's really simplistic compared to what came before. Even so, there are a few bright spots. The first being Chris Hyde's drumming which proves to be pretty entertaining despite the simplistic riffs and shoddy production. "Before the Time" is a cool tune (for which a video was made). "Hyde Under Pressure" is an amusing little novelty spoiled only by my belief that it's probably a pretty accurate portrayal of what working with Roger is really like. "Raegoul" is an odd track. It's a dark, atmospheric, and slightly unsettling song and I'm pretty sure it features Allen Aguirre (Scaterd Few) on backing vocals. I wonder what this album would have been like if the band hadn't split? The world will never know.

Useless Fact: On my original tape there was a sticker covering the dude so that the faint of heart would not be offended by the "destroyed" side.

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