Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weezer - "Make Believe"

Weezer - Make Believe
2005, Geffin

1. Beverly Hills
2. Perfect Situation
3. This is Such a Pity
4. Hold Me
5. Peace
6. We Are All On Drugs
7. The Damage in Your Heart
8. Pardon Me
9. My Best Friend
10. The Other Way
11. Freak Me Out
12. Haunt You Every Day

Y'know, if you took the great songs off of Weezer (Green), Maladroit, and this one you'd have a classic album worthy of the first two. As it stands, Make Believe is definitely one of the more enjoyable of the later albums. There's a lot more songs here to like even though it still is about a 1:1 ratio of hit to miss. I also don't mind the more commercial direction here either as that usually results in better songs.

Useless Fact: I think Paris Hilton was in the "Beverly Hills" video.

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