Thursday, January 7, 2010

Starflyer 59 - "Silver"

Starflyer 59 - Silver
2005, Tooth and Nail

1. Blue Collar Love
2. Monterey
3. Sled
4. Hazel Would
5. The Zenith
6. 2nd Space Song
7. Droned
8. Happy Days Are Here Again
9. She Only Knows
10. The Dungeon
Bonus Tracks:
11. She's The Queen
12. She Was My Sweetheart
13. Blue Collar Love (Joy Electric Dub Mix)
14. Monterey (Lounge Version)
15. Canary Row
16. Salinas
17. The Drop
18. Droned (In Love Version)

Talk about different! One good thing I can say about Tooth & Nail is they brought some fresh music into the scene back in the early nineties. One of the best bands was Starflyer 59. Their style is usually referred to as "shoegazer." I'm not sure what that is or how it got its name but let me tell you what it sounds like: huge, thick, walls of distortion with trippy guitar parts over it and Jason Martin almost whisper-singing the lyrics. I know that doesn't sound appealing but trust me, it's probably one of the most unique things I've ever heard. I'm sure the bands' effects pedals got quite a workout on this one. As you can see there's only one SF59 disc here but that's because I never cared for the ones that came after this one. Also, my version is the reissue that includes the She's The Queen EP. That's cool to have on disc even though the artwork on this edition is cheap with a no-page insert! Lame!

Useless Fact: Starflyer 59 had a habit of not actually making cover art. Even though there's cover art shown the original Silver just had a silver cover (unless you got the tape). The Gold album had just a gold cover and Americana had just a plain red cover. They eventually got over that but I will say it made them just that much more peculiar.

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