Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Sundays - "Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic"

The Sundays - Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
1990, Geffin

1. Skin & Bones
2. Here's Where the Story Ends
3. Can't Be Sure
4. I Won
5. Hideous Towns
6. You're Not the Only One I Know
7. A Certain Someone
8. I Kicked a Boy
9. My Finest Hour
10. Joy

Here's another one I thought I'd just love. Based on the single "Here's Where the Story Ends" I got this awhile back because I love female-fronted alt-rock bands but I've listened to this several times and the only song I can remember is "Here's Where the Story Ends." Oh, and there's and interesting riff in "Skin & Bones" but I honestly don't remember anything else. It's not bad or anything... I guess I though I would like it more. Eh... seems to be the theme today...

Useless Fact: I think this band only put out three albums. When I used to work at Sears "Here's Where the Story Ends" and "Summertime" were played in the stock room.

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  1. I also bought this after hearing "Here's Where the Story Ends". Man, what a disappointment. I tried to like it - gave it repeated listens - but, alas, "Here's Where the Story Ends" was the only song that could hold my interest. So I sold it, back in the early '90s. And to this day, "Here's Where the Story Ends" is STILL the only song I can remember from the album.

    Albums like that are why I no longer buy albums I haven't had a chance to listen to first. I've just been burned too many times over the years.