Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whitecross - "Triumphant Return"

Whitecross - Triumphant Return
1989, Pure Metal

1. Attention Please
2. Red Light
3. Straight Thru the Heart
4. Down
5. Behold
6. Shakedown
7. Flashpoint (Instrumental)
8. Simple Man
9. Over the Top
10. Heaven's Calling Tonight

When my cousin first heard these guys she was really, really excited. She called me up and said, "These guys sound just like Metallica." She only said that because at the time Metallica was my favorite band. They don't sound anything like Metallica, they sound like Ratt. If Ratt had a master guitar player and better songwriting. There's a reason why you've only heard one Ratt song, people! But enough about them, Triumphant Return is an awesome album that represents the very best of what the L.A. glam metal scene had to offer. Rex Carrol's guitar is simply unbelievable - you just have to hear it. Tight and precise, lighting up the songs with riffs and fills and glorious face-melting leads. This album is just about as close to perfect as you can get I think and definitely the high water mark for this legendary band.

Useless Fact: I heard once that Rex Carrol does the vocals for "Simple Man" but it sounds like Scott Wenzel to me.

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  1. Definitely one of, if not the, best album they made. I'm not a real big fan of this style of Metal, so my opinion isn't worth much (but give me some Bloodgood, now).

    If Rex Carroll had been "prettier", he would have been on the cover of magazines celebrating his guitar playing skills. Shame he didn't get more recognition.

    And you are correct, sir - Rex did sing lead on simple man. (I don't think he sounds like Scott, though.)