Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taylor, Steve - "On the Fritz"

Taylor, Steve - On the Fritz
1985, Sparrow

1. This Disco (Used to be a Cute Cathedral)
2. On the Fritz
3. It's a Personal Thing
4. To Forgive
5. You've Been Bought
6. You Don't Owe Me Nothing
7. I Manipulate
8. Lifeboat
9. Drive, He Said
10. I Just Wanna Know

Wow... look at that album cover. That is some 80's-tatsic art right there. Love the skinny tie! Anywho, On the Fritz is probably just as good as Meltdown. "Lifeboat" never fails to amuse me even though it's a novelty song. I just wonder what it was like getting kids to sing "fattie" and "retard" but then tell them you shouldn't say that to people. I should also say that of all the Steve songs on the I Predict a Clone tribute I like his own version of "Drive, He Said" better than Argyle Park's version. I also think that the first track's title, "This Disco (Used to be a Cute Cathedral)" is one of the coolest song titles ever and it's also one of my favorite songs. Hey, I almost forgot to mention how Steve Taylor lyrics are some of the best ever. There... fixed that.

Useless Fact: Steve reworked the song "On the Fritz" for the Liver disc. I can't really remember how it goes.


  1. Great album (in spite of the skinny tie).

    "This Disco (Used to be a Cute Cathedral" is a classic - and it's based on a real experience of Steve's at a cathedral turned discothèque in New York.

    I too like "Lifeboat". And, you're right, they did have to explain to the kids why it was okay to say those words in a song, but not to actual people.

    There is a fan site called Sock Heaven ( that has Steve's comments/explanations of alot of his songs.

  2. The live "On the Fritz" is mid 90s grunge ballad. It really, really works -- especially if you like "Squint." The song is so incredible that it works in just about any era.

    Finding out that "I Manipulate" was about Bill Gothard was just icing on the cake.