Monday, January 25, 2010

Taylor, Steve - "I Want to Be a Clone"

Taylor, Steve - I Want to Be a Clone
1983, Sparrow

1. Steeplechase
2. I Want to Be a Clone
3. Whatever Happened to Sin?
4. Written Guarantee
5. Bad Rap (Who You Trying to Kid, Kid?)
6. Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Number's Up?

Let me be frank. With the exception of Squint and Chagall Guevara, Steve Taylor's music history has not aged well. These are 80's tunes. From the production to the instrumentation everything screams, "THIS WAS MADE IN 1983!!!!" Thankfully I think Steve's gift as a lyricist triumphs over the the dated sounds on his albums. He is opinionated and quick to call out the world on its hypocrisy and idiocy but he's just as quick to bring judgement to the House of God as well and more importantly to himself. "Nobody gets out alive" Jim Morrisson said once and it applies to Steve's lyrics. As far as the music, I still like these peppy upbeat tunes. The only one I don't care for is "Written Guarantee" in which I don't really detect anything special. However, I LOVE the appropriately named "Bad Rap." Absolutely brilliant!

Useless Fact: In Now the Truth Can Be Told, a 2-disc retrospective, Steve says that the title song of this album didn't come from personal experience. He says he had a really good church that didn't make him be something he wasn't. I'm glad that he's honest and I'm also glad he was blessed with a good church.

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