Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vengeance Rising - "Human Sacrifice"

Vengeance Rising - Human Sacrifice
1989, Intense

1. Human Sacrifice
2. Burn
3. Mulligan Stew
4. Receive Him
5. I Love Hating Evil
6. Fatal Delay
7. White Throne
8. Salvation
9. From the Dead
10. Ascension
11. He is God
12. Fill This Place With Blood
13. Beheaded

By the time I got ahold of this amazing record I had already gotten accustomed to Roger's growly vocal style so I was fully prepared to enjoy the wonderfulness of this disc. And wonderful it is. Truly one of the heaviest discs to come out at the time Human Sacrifice laid other bands to waste. After all, at the time the heaviest bands were Barren Cross, Whitecross, Stryper, and Sacred Warrior. These guys were so heavy that they were rumored to make Scott Wenzel (of Whitecross) take pause. Anyway... this is dang rare these days and it has yet to be reissued.

Useless Fact: Just about everyone knows that the band was originally known as Vengeance. They had to change their name because there was another band with the same name. However, few realize that the band already called Vengeance hosted none other than Ayreon mastermind Arjen Lucassen.

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  1. Now this is a classic. I remember when I first played this album (vinyl LP, no less). When Roger's voice kicked in, I started laughing. I loved it. I'd not heard any thrash before this - and, while I'm still not a huge fan of thrash, this is one great record.

    Useless nothing: I wish Alice Cooper had made an album (or 10) with the band from Vengeance (Rising). I think it would have been a match made in musical heaven.