Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guardian - "Fire and Love"

Guardian - Fire and Love
1990, Pakaderm

1. Power of Love
2. Send a Message
3. Time Stands Still
4. Forever and a Day
5. Takin' on the World
6. Fire and Love
7. Turnaround
8. Time and Time Again
9. The Rain
10. Never Say Goodbye

This second Guardian disc is filled to the brim with rock n' roll goodness! Tony Palacios guitar playing is all over the place - in a good way. He uses tons of fills and writes awesome riffs. And Jamie's Rowe's raspy, powerful voice is one of the finest in rock. The band is one tight unit. Nothing much more to say, if you've heard it, you know - if not... well... you're missing out.

Useless Fact: The band was at one time called Fusion and Voyager. Jamie Rowe sang for a band called Tempest.

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