Monday, December 7, 2009

Lust Control - "Fun, Fun Feeling"

Lust Control - Fun, Fun Feeling
1991, Blonde Vinyl

1. Rebuke
2. Big Bang!
3. Fun, Fun Feeling
4. Jesus Washed Judas Feet
5. Dancing Naked
6. John Styll
7. That Groove Thang
8. Say It Like a Rock Star
9. Swimsuit Edition Wallpaper
10. You Too
11. Circumcised, Baptized, & Moon Pies
12. Living in the New Age
13. Witch Hunt
14. What About Your Wife?
15. What's Goin' On?
16. Madolyn Murry O'Hair
17. Apocalyptic Nightmare
18. Rude Awakening
19. I Want To Die
20. Wretched
21. There is a Fountain
22. Madolyn Murry O'Hair (Cornerstone Live Version)
23. Dancing Naked (Cornerstone Live Version)

Lust Control is a band that you either get (and love them) or don't get (and hate them). I happen to love them. I guess you could call this record punk... it's certainly raw enough. Vocalist, Gene (actually Doug Van Pelt, editor of HM Magazine and Heaven's Metal), sounds like he's singing his parts from another room. The songs are short for the most part and preach pretty hard for abstinence and sexual purity but they're not without a sense of humor. Like I said, the music is pretty rough but there are occasional flashes of brilliance and talent with a guitar riff here and there. Then there's the really off-the-wall "Circumcised, Baptized, & Moon Pies" which is a spoken word track where Doug... er... I mean Gene lapses into this faux-British accent. When it gets right down to it though, you just have to check them out. If they make you laugh - welcome to the club! If not, well... there's plenty of good real punk bands out there!

Useless Fact: I want to say that this album is made up of demo material but I only heard that somewhere and can't confirm it. Also, I think Paul Q-Pek (One Bad Pig) plays on this one.

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