Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mad at the World - "The Ferris Wheel"

Mad at the World - The Ferris Wheel
1993, Frontline

1. Not the Same
2. Eyes of Heaven
3. Jesus Lead Me
4. No Secrets
5. When Life Has a Plan
6. Going Nowhere Again
7. Losing Game
8. All My Life
9. The Love
10. Inside of Heaven's Gate

The band refines their sound a little moving in a more alternative rock direction but it's nothing drastic and certain far from a sell out or anything. I actually like this one just fine - it's probably my favorite release from these guys. I like to see Roger and Randy trade off vocals on "No Secrets," I wish that they would have done that more often. Randy is also extending his vocal range on "The Love," which, again, I think is pretty cool.

Useless Fact: There is a video of "Eyes of Heaven" out there on YouTube.

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