Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rose - "Healing"

Rose - Healing
1993, Intense

1. R.I.P.
2. Fallen
3. When I Let You In
4. Seeds of Sorrow
5. My Lies
6. Hooked
7. Healing
8. D.O.P.
9. Demons
10. Never Enough
11. On My Knees

Randy's second release is not quite as heavy or dark. It has more of a 70's stoner/doom rock vibe, but the Danzing vocals are still present. The riffs are very simple and the production seems pretty stripped down... at least to my ears. This is an underrated classic I think. Some of the highlights being "When I Let You In," "Never Enough," and the acoustic closer "On My Knees." This is readily available for cheap so check it out!

Useless Fact: Some of the guys that play on this record went on to play for Mad at the World on The Ferris Wheel record.

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