Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lost Dogs - "Nazarene Crying Towel"

Lost Dogs - Nazarene Crying Towel
2003, BEC

1. Moses in the Desert
2. There You Are
3. Deeper in the Heart
4. Come Down Here
5. Be My Hiding Place
6. Jesus On the Shore
7. Mercy Again
8. Cry Out Loud
9. The Yearning
10. Crushing Hand
11. Home Again
12. Darkest Night

This is the one Lost Dogs disc that I listen to the least. I haven't heard Real Men Cry but this one is lacking some of the things I always liked about the Lost Dogs - variety and upbeat songs. "Deeper in the Heart" is one of the few upbeat ones, but for the most part this album is full of quiet, acoustic songs and I just wanted it to kick into gear at some point and it never did. It's not bad at all but if you start you need to know what to expect. It's a small, intimate disc and I've really got to be in the mood for it. The harmonies are really smooth though!

Useless Fact: The liner notes are filled with a story by Terry Taylor about his mother and her manic "Crying Towel" fits. It's poignant and personal and a pretty good addition.

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