Monday, December 14, 2009

Mortification - "Live Planetarium"

Mortification - Live Planetarium
1993, Intense

1. Grind Planetarium
2. Distarnish Priest
3. Brutal Warfare
4. The Destroyer Beholds
5. Inflamed
6. Scrolls of the Megilloth
7. Symbiosis
8. Time Crusaders
9. Black Snake
10. From the Valley of the Shadows
11. Human Condition
12. The Majestic Infiltration of Order
13. This Momentary Affliction

I got this for Christmas way back in '93... so guess what makes me think of Christmas that year? That's right... Live Planetarium! Reminiscence aside, this is probably one of the best live albums of any band I have ever heard. This was recorded at Australia's Black Stump Festival. The sound quality is excellent and the band is in top form! The music is performed flawlessly! Definitely captures what it would have been like to be there. This disc also has, what to me, is the definitive version of "Symbiosis.""Time Crusaders" is a new speedy tune that has a good crunchy riff. Heck, I even like the cover of Bloodgood's "Black Snake" even though the solo isn't very good. And by saying "not very good" I'm wildly overpraising it. Let me take a little time to praise Jayson Sherlock's drumming... it's phenomenal. Definitely a highlight of the disc.

I remember hearing Steve Rowe's speaking voice for the first time on this record. I thought it was funny how he can do this low, throaty growl but his speaking voice is all high tenor. It's especially funny when he introduces a song. "This is off our first album and this is *switch* BROOTAL WARFARE!!!"

Useless Fact: This was the last time Jayson would play drums for the band. So sad... he was the best drummer they ever had.

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