Friday, December 11, 2009

Peace, Michael - "Threat to Society"

Peace, Michael - Threat to Society
1991, Starsong

1. J.D.'s Jam
2. Time Bomb Posse In Effect
3. Plain & Simple
4. They Call Me Crack
5. My Manifesto
6. Get the Power (Do the Right Thing)
7. Threat to Society
8. I'm Man Enough
9. Think It Over
10. Peace In a Time of Chaos
11. In a Minute

I didn't like this one when it first came out. I think it's because there's quite a few tracks on here that aren't really rap songs at all. "My Manifesto" is a spoken word track with a beat. "Get the Power" is an instrumental I believe. Though I like the use of smooth jazz backbeats - it makes the songs more interesting. I like this a lot better now than I'm older though I don't pull it out as much as Loud N Clear.

Useless Fact: I saw Alvin Slaughter in concert once and Michael Peace just happened to be there. Alvin invited Michael on stage and he did a freestyle rap right there on the spot. It was cool.

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