Thursday, December 3, 2009

Johnny Q Public - "Extra Ordinary"

Johnny Q. Public - Extra Ordinary
1995, Gotee

1. Preacher's Kid
2. Body Be
3. Black Ice
4. As I Pray
5. Know
6. Women of Zion
7. Reader's Digest
8. Secret Trees
9. Violet
10. Big Top
11. Why
12. Scream
13. Serve Somebody

In the pulsating sea of sucky Christian alternative rock bands that were coming out in the mid-to-late 90's, Johnny Q. Public was a little bright spot. They weren't anything fantastic or unique, but they played decent catchy songs with a good hook and seemed to have something more interesting to say than the depressing nonsense that most alt-rock bands were fond of (even the Christian ones). In fact, songs like "Women of Zion" showed that the band could say something important but have fun while doing it. I find myself singing the chorus occasionally - "Bald women/ You should have been humble/ Bald women/ You should have been smarter..." I saw them at Kingdom Bound a few times and they put on a good show. If you find this for somewhere cheap, go ahead and pick it up. It's worth a listen or two.

Useless Fact: "Reader's Digest" is a Larry Norman cover and "Serve Somebody" is a Bob Dylan cover. I think this band put out one more album before this kind of music was drown out by emo, screamo, and hard core.


  1. Yes, they did and "Welcome To Earth" is equally worthy of picking up.

  2. Another weird fact is that this album has a 2-minute track at the beginning of the CD which you actually have to rewind to hear. Not all CD players will do it, nor are there too many CD-ROM/DVD-ROM burners which will rip the track, but it CAN be done. I know that a portion of "Big Top" is there as well as a cover of "Father Abraham". There is a voice at the beginning of the CD that whispers, "Rewind, rewind" at the beginning of the "Preacher's Kid" track that tells you what to do to hear the bonus song. One of the only other ones I have that have a song like this at the beginning of the CD which you have to rewind to hear is Flyleaf's second album, "Memento Mori".