Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lost Dogs - "The Green Room Serenade, Part One"

Lost Dogs - The Green Room Serenade, Part One
1996, Brainstorm

1. The Green Room Serenade
2. Up in the Morning
3. Cry Baby
4. Love Takes Over the World
5. Close But No Cigar
6. All That Remains
7. Sweet Work of Love
8. If It Be Your Will
9. Mexico
10. The Prodigal Bride (I'll Wait For You)
11. Hey, You Little Devil
12. I Don't Love You
13. Reasonable Service
14. Waiting For You to Come Around
15. Breathe Deep (The Breath of God), 1996

The band here took everything they did on Little Red Riding Hood and kicked it up a notch. There's still the variety from the past discs but the production is stellar. This album feels so much bigger than the previous ones. There's also some good rockin' tunes on here. I love Gene's song "Mexico" and "Cry Baby" where he sings with Terry. Of course, there's some moving ballads too like "If It Be Your Will." However, for some reason I don't find myself going back to this one as much. I really don't have a reason for it though.

Useless Fact: So was the live album supposed be the second part to this or was it supposed to be something else? Seems like they realized that they didn't put out a second part and just made the live album that.

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