Friday, December 11, 2009

Minier - "Minier"

Minier - Minier
1990, REX

1. Do Not Be Deceived
2. The Skeptic
3. Price
4. Killing of the Innocent
5. Prophecy
6. Philosophy of Man
7. The Secret Song

Sometimes record companies actually know what they're doing. REX wanted to release this collection of songs from The Crucified's Greg Minier as is... so that's what they did. This is straight-up thrash and it's pretty dang good. Greg is a decent vocalist in his own right and his trademark penchant for awesome riffs is there. I wonder how this would have sounded if they'd have thrown a bunch of money at it? The world will never know.

Useless Fact: Greg played all the parts on this disc and there is no bass guitar.