Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lost Dogs - "Gift Horse"

Lost Dogs - Gift Horse
2000, BEC

1. Ghost Train to Nowhere
2. A Vegas Story
3. If You Loved Here You'd Be Home By Now
4. Diamonds to Coal
5. A Blessing in Disguise
6. Loved and Forgiven
7. Rebecca Go Home
8. Honeysuckle Breeze
9. Ditto
10. The Wall of Heaven
11. Farther Along

Well... this one lacks the variety that I love about the Dogs but that's okay because they've taken all their influences and perfectly distilled them into this one cohesive album. Part of that is because Terry wrote all the songs for this one but it's a great blend of alt-rock and country. From the melancholy opening notes of "Ghost Train to Nowhere" you know something good is happening. When I listen to songs like "Rebecca Go Home" where Gene sings by himself it just makes me miss his talent all the more. I really like the fun "opposites attract" love song "Ditto" and the hope and optimism of "Loved and Forgiven." Really, I can't find enough good things to say about this disc.

Useless Fact: Gene Eugene died the same year this album was released. R.I.P. Gene....

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